Deep Water

“Now go out where it is deeper, and let down your nets” (Luke 5:4)

I remember the first little wading pool we bought the boys when they were little.  You know, the blue inflatable kiddie pool with little fishes printed on the side.  Reid blew it up and we started filling it with the garden hose.  Our plan was to let it sit in the sun a little to warm the water.  The boys had other plans.  When the little pool was filled, we turned around.  There stood both the boys, stark naked and ready to get into the water.  Funny how as they got older, they became less excited about getting into a pool.  The pools got bigger and deeper, and swimming in them became a bit too intimidating.  What is it about deep water that makes us so afraid? 

The first time Jesus met his disciples, he urged them to go out into deeper waters where they would catch more fish.  That advice was common sense.  Fish swim in deep waters, not shallow.  However, these fishermen had been out all night casting their nets and had pulled up nothing.  But Christ knew that the only way they were going to bring in the catch they desired, was to get out of the shallow waters.  He also knew where the big fish were swimming.

Many of us want to stay in shallow waters because we feel safer there.   We stay by the shore, where its’ familiar and comfortable.  We never fully leave our old life, or our old ways.  We only know shallow waters, shallow faith in our relationship with God.  Yes, we read our bible, but never really study it.  And we pray, but only shallow repetitious prayers.  Going out in the deep with God is just too scary.  We don’t know what troubles and difficulties we might encounter.  We are unwilling to let go of the familiar.  Change is just too uncomfortable.  Besides, we get so distracted by the things of this world.    

But here’s the thing.  If we want to see the power of God; if we want to experience the presence of God in our lives; if we want to sense the depths of His joy; if we want to feel the power of his Spirit; we have got to do what the disciples did.  We need to get back in the boat and launch out into the deep.

Are you settling for too little of God because you are too afraid, or because you feel you have tried to experience more of him and failed?  Are you only willing to get into the little kiddie pool with Him, but too apprehensive to launch out into the depths of the ocean with him?  Do you admire the relationship others have with Christ, but convince yourself that you will never be able to have that?  There is only one thing you can do if you really want God’s best.  Get back in the boat and venture out into the deep with him.  That’s the only place where you can swim with the big fish.