Crossing God’s Line

“The earth is the Lord’s, and all it contains” (Psalm 24:1)

Everything belongs to the Lord.  And because it does, God has drawn certain lines in the sand with a warning not to cross them.  Every time someone disrespects those lines there is a price to pay.  In the Old Testament a man named Achan crossed one of those lines.  We read about him in Joshua chapter 7.   When Israel invaded the Promised Land, God told them to destroy the city of Jericho, and dedicate the wealth of the city to him as sacred objects.  But Achan disregarded the memo and kept some of the sacred things for himself.  As a result, Achan and his whole family were stoned and burned to death.  Why?  Because those valuable things were to be a sacred gift to the Lord.  Achan had crossed God’s line.

In the New Testament in Mark 11, we find the account of Jesus cleansing the Temple. When he walked into the temple courts, he found a Walmart in progress – minus the self-checkout.  People were selling cattle, sheep, and doves.  Others were sitting at tables exchanging money.  Christ overturned the tables and drove them out with a whip of cords.  Why?  Because Jesus said, “My house will be called a house of prayer.  You made it a den of robbers.”  These temple robbers had crossed God’s line.

Right now, in America and across our world, doctors and medical personnel are performing treatments on children and youth who they label as transgender and non-binary.  They inject their bodies with puberty blockers.  However, clinics are beginning to pull back from injecting these children and adolescents.  According to a recent New York Times report – “Concerns are growing among some medical professionals about the consequences of these drugs.  Questions are fueling government reviews in Europe, prompting a push for more research, and leading some prominent specialists to reconsider at what age to prescribe them and for how long.  A small number of doctors won’t recommend them at all.”  The report continues, “There is emerging evidence of potential harm from these blockers according to reviews of scientific papers and interviews with more than 50 doctors.  The drugs suppress estrogen and testosterone, hormones that help develop the reproductive system, but also affect the bones, the brain, and other parts of the body.”  What does this tell us?  It tells us that these doctors and medical personnel have crossed God’s line.  Because they have, the price for doing so is beginning to emerge. 

Cross God’s line.  Disregard his boundaries.  Defy his creation.  There is a price to pay for it all.  Whether we like to admit it or not, there are definite consequences when man tries to become his own god.