Whole lot of shaking going on

“The earth shook, the rocks split, and the tombs broke open.” (Matthew 27:51-52)

I’ve never been in an earthquake.  I just missed the great Northridge Earthquake that struck California back in January of 1994, because my flight left LAX a couple of hours before it struck.  But being in an actual earthquake is something I have not experienced, nor do I have any desire to experience.  However, I am curious about earthquakes.  Seems I have been hearing a lot about them lately.  So, I did a little research, and if my calculations are correct and my resources accurate, there were 39 major earthquakes in America in 2022.  And in the world, 92 earthquakes were recorded.  Now, keep in mind that these calculations do not include minor earthquakes.  In fact, the United States Geological Survey has stated that earthquakes are becoming stronger and more frequent.  Seems like the earth has a whole lot of shaking going on.

This curiosity brought me to do a little research about earthquakes in scripture.  The first earthquake recorded in the bible is found in the Old Testament book of I Kings, when Elijah fled to Beersheba to get away from Jezebel.  It was there that an earthquake occurred just before God spoke to Elijah and “resurrected” his spirit.  Then we find in Ezekiel chapter 37, the account of an earthquake in the valley of dry bones just before God’s Spirit breathed life and “resurrection” into those dead skeletons.

In the New Testament book of Matthew, two very significant earthquakes are recorded.  The first coincides with the death of Christ, when the earth shook and the rocks were split; tombs opened, and the bodies of the saints were “resurrected” (27:51-54).  The second is when Jesus himself was “resurrected” from the dead.  Matthew 28:2 tells us there was a great earthquake when the angel descended and rolled the stone from the tomb. 

Did you notice in these biblical accounts there was a connection between earthquakes and resurrections?  So, should it be any surprise to us that when Christ was teaching his disciples about the End Times and the rapture of the saints, he told of the earthquakes that would take place?  (Luke 2:11 and Mark 13:8).  But the bible also holds the secret of the one last earthquake that will take place upon the earth.  It is recorded in Revelation 16:18-20.  It will be the greatest earthquake the world has ever experienced.  It will take place during the Great Tribulation, when the seven bowls of God’s wrath are poured out.  This devastating earthquake will occur shortly before Jesus Christ’s return when he comes to “resurrect” the earth. 

All this enlightens us to the fact that in scripture earthquakes, resurrections, and Christ’s return are yoked together.  Perhaps the earthquakes we are experiencing in the world now tell us that the earth is getting ready to break forth and give birth to the bodies of God’s resurrected children.  So, if you’re looking forward to Christ’s return, here’s my advice – don’t only watch the eastern sky, but also listen to the rumbling under your feet.