Think on these things

“God saw that the light was good, and he separated the light from the darkness” (Genesis 1:4)

This is one of those put on your thinking cap blogs, but by the end of it I pray you will be encouraged.  I will start with the question: What exactly is darkness?  Is darkness the absence of light, or is light the absence of darkness?  The answer is that darkness is the absence of light.  If you bring any form of light into a dark room, the room has light in it.  Darkness is not powerful enough to overcome the light.  However, you cannot make a room that is full of light become dark unless you remove the light.  Therefore, something can only be dark if all sources of light are removed.

So, that leads me to the next question: Can evil exist on its’ own?  And likewise….Can righteousness exist on its’ own?  The answer is that evil cannot exist on its’ own because it must have something to oppose.  God’s righteousness can and does exist on its’ own.  But evil can only exist by denying God and all that is righteous.    

Now, let’s take this one step further (just hang in there with me, please.)  Can a lie exist on its’ own?  And…..Can truth exist on its’ own?  A lie is the twisting of the truth, so lies need truth in order to deny it.  However, truth can and does stand on its’ own. 

Here is where I’m going with all this.  All the darkness in the world is nothing more than a witness that God’s light exists.  All the evil in the world is nothing more than a witness that God’s righteousness exists.  And all the lies in the world are nothing more than a witness that God’s truth exists. 

That means that darkness, evil, and lies cannot survive without something to oppose.  Just like death cannot exist without life, but life can exist without death.  We are living in a time surrounded by much darkness, evil, and lies.  Let us not forget that these things only exist because they are in opposition to God.  None of them are powerful enough to stand on their own.  Therefore, they are not able to endure.  But because God’s light, God’s righteousness, and God’s truth can and do stand on their own, darkness, evil and lies cannot harm us.   

My point is this: We need to stop focusing on what opposes the reality of God.  None of those things have the power to stand on their own.  Therefore, by God’s grace, we can rise above each of them and focus on God’s light, righteousness and truth.  “Think on these things”