The Mystery of Josiah

“The Lord directs the steps of the godly. He delights in every detail of their lives.” (Psalm37:23)

If I have been asked once, I have been asked a thousand times over my years in ministry: “Darlene, how do I know God’s will for me?”  But to be honest, it’s a question I have pondered for myself many times.  If we truly want to please God, we will want to know what his will for us is.

There is a king in the Old Testament who can help us gain some wisdom in finding the answer to that question.  He also presents to us one of the great mysteries from the bible.  His name was Josiah, and he was one of the most righteous kings to ever sit on the throne of David.  He was a king who strongly desired to do God’s will.  He was only eight years old when he ascended the throne of Israel after his father, Amon was assassinated.  His grandfather, Manasseh, was a wicked king who turned Judah from worshiping God. 

When Josiah came to the throne, he was determined to turn the hearts of the people back to God, so he went up to the high place of Beth El where the pagan gods were worshiped and broke down all the altars.  While doing so, a grave at Beth El caught his attention.  When he inquired who’s grave it was, he was told it was that of a prophet who, centuries earlier, had come to Beth El with a prophecy.  No one even knew the prophet’s name.  They simply knew that he was a prophet sent from God.  The ancient prophet had prophesied that one day a man named Josiah would come to that very place and do exactly as Josiah had just done – tear down the altars of the pagan gods. 

Now, Josiah himself had no idea of the prophecy.  He had come to Beth El that day simply to do what he believed was right.  And what he did turned out to be a fulfillment of God’s will for his life.  All without knowing the prophecy.  By doing what he knew to be right, Josiah fulfilled the will and prophecy of God. 

There is a great lesson for us from the life of Josiah.  It is a lesson we each need to carry into this New Year.  The Word of God will give us clear direction and leading for our lives.  It will not only lead us to walk in the specific will of God – it will lead us to walk in God’s destiny for our lives.  Scripture does not so much focus on finding the will of God.  Scripture focuses us on obeying the will of God that we do know.  If we obey the word of God, it will lead us to the will of God.  Simply put: Follow what God reveals to us, and he will lead us to the destiny he has for us.   

This new year is filled with high places, appointed places, and perfect timings for each of us.  All ordained by God for our life.  If we will obey the truth God gives us, and just move forward doing the right thing each day, we will find ourselves not only knowing the will of God, but we will discover the mystery of Josiah.